Laptop Acer Aspire 5495

Laptop Acer Aspire 5495
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Reduced hardware and improved ultra-mobile computer for school, work or on vacation with lasting even up to 10 hours. This version is equipped with high-quality matte screen, comfortable keyboard, a large, new efficient Intel Atom processor and hard drive with high capacity. The device boasts a sleek black design, which will make your perfect companion on every trip.

Hardware is built on a new platform or PineTrail Chipset Intel NM10 Express and the Intel Atom processor N450 at a frequency of 1.66 GHz. This processor promises at least the same performance as previous models, but with less energy consumption and is therefore able to provide much valuable minutes on the battery. To work with data is fitted with 1 GB of memory and integrated graphics card is sufficient common use.

LCD screen size is 10 "and shows sufficient resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. For data storage hard drive is 160 GB. A computer to communicate with the environment takes care of connecting to the computer network via WiFi or classical Ethernet RJ-45. Other connectors include two USB ports, VGA connector for the display or monitor, audio inputs and outputs and memory card reader. the equipment must not miss, of course, built-in speakers and microphone, users communicating via the Internet certainly welcome the built-in webcam. Your computer comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.